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We hope that in retirement Harry Reid keeps up his workout routine.

Republicans intend to pass what they’re calling an “Obamacare-repeal bill” early. It will get rid of Obamacare’s individual mandate and some of its taxes immediately, and the rest of its taxes and spending after a delay of some years. The bill won’t touch the regulatory heart of Obamacare, though, because Republicans don’t have the 60 Senate votes they think they need for that. They say they will have a replacement plan ready by the time their bill takes full effect. In the meantime, though, health markets — already disrupted by Obamacare — will grow more unstable. Policies will still have to comply with Obamacare’s expensive regulations, and those policies will be even more expensive because healthy people will once again be free not to buy them. Look for premiums to rise, insurers to drop out of the exchanges, and Republicans to be blamed for the mess.

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