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New-Year Trump Fears

by James Lileks

For many who believe that thinking “long-term” means going from a month-to-month cell-phone service to an annual contract, 2016 was horrible. Why? Because some musicians died and Hillary lost. If Prince and Bowie had not perished and Clinton had thumped Trump, 2016 would have been an awesome year. Amirite, Aleppo? Oh, right. Sorry. Well, better luck next year.

Every year is a sack of gold and lead — 2001 was looking okay until the second week of September, as I recall, but there was always something worrisome on the news. There’s always a story like this: Separatists in East Grupacia bomb police station in hopes of rejoining West Grupacian rebels to form Lower Grupacia. Or there’s the disease story: “Once thought vanquished, E. stromboli reappears as public-health threat in Gambia,” which lets New York Times readers feel special, as they care for a moment about Gambia.

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