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We haven’t seen liberals this interested in Russians and fake news since Walter Duranty.

Trump picked ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson as his nominee for secretary of state. As the head of an enormous company with business around the world, Tillerson is an extremely capable person (he rose through the ranks at Exxon and is an Eagle Scout). He has basically been a corporate head of state, with extensive diplomatic experience of a certain kind. The problem is that Tillerson’s views, apart from what has been to this point his commitment to promoting the interests of ExxonMobil shareholders, are unknown. The extensive dealings in Russia that earned him an Order of Friendship medal from Vladimir Putin have raised eyebrows and hackles on Capitol Hill, given worries about Trump’s own Russophilia and against the backdrop of allegations of Russia’s hacking operations. Tillerson should be thoroughly vetted, and his confirmation hearings will be more important than usual. We’re prepared to believe that he is well suited to the job, but, as with all things related to Russia, our watchword is trust but verify.

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