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Hillary Gone Wild

by Heather Wilhelm

On the first weekend of December, Saturday Night Live — finally showing a little pep after its over-the-top, embarrassingly lachrymose mourning period for Hillary Clinton — debuted a new sketch, “The Hunt for Hil.” Mimicking the style of Finding Bigfoot, Animal Planet’s kitschy television sensation, “The Hunt for Hil” took various cockeyed fake “experts” into brave new territory: Clinton country, deep in the shadowy yet upscale hiking trails of Chappaqua, N.Y.

“Bigfoot. Chupacabra. The Loch Ness monster,” intones a tough-guy narrator. The video flashes over shaky images of various mythical creatures, including, oddly, a stray ordinary coyote, which I presume was shown in a half-hearted attempt to represent the legendary, fearsome, oft-misunderstood chupacabra. As a newish specialist on mythical creatures — in recent years, thanks to three kids with wild imaginations, I’ve watched more episodes of Finding Bigfoot than I should admit — I find this unfortunate, as well as an insult to chupacabras everywhere. But I digress.

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