February 9, 2018

David Bahnsen (The Bahnsen Group) and Will Swaim (Cal Policy Center) discuss whether recent stock-market volatility means anything for California’s precarious finances. Also: Columbus statue sails out of San Jose City Hall, the meaning for California politics of Donald Trump’s latest DACA proposal, and state treasurer (and gubernatorial candidate) John Chiang’s plan to create an government-run bank for the state’s burgeoning weed industry.

Intro music provided by Metalachi, the LA-based mariachi/metal band.

Show links
- Remembering William F. Buckley, Jr. March 27 or 28
- Los Angeles Times on John Chiang’s Weed Bank
- Steve Greenhut on mounting evidence of pension crisis

David Bahnsen, davidbahnsen@gmail.com
Will Swaim, will@calpolicycenter.org

Pictured: Members and supporters of the Mexica Movement organization march across the overpass of Hollywood Freeway as they protest against Columbus Day in downtown Los Angeles, California, October 11, 2015. (Kevork Djansezian/Reuters)

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