Islamic State 9/15 5:25 PM Meet the ‘Moderate Islamists’ Also known as: the Muslim Brotherhood
Higher Ed 9/15 3:47 PM Hatred by Hat A Calif. sorority gets disciplined for wearing sombreros at Taco Tuesday.
Religion 9/15 12:51 PM Groupon Against Christians Online deals site won't do business with a faith-based preschool.
Islamic State 9/15 4:00 AM Libertarian Hawks Yes, they want to defend our nation.
O Was Right on Ransoms Paying for one person endangers millions more.
Obama’s Weak ISIS Strategy But he’s right in bombing the terrorists.
The Lessons of Libya We can’t delegate warfighting to jihadists.
Health Care 9/15 12:33 PM The Abortion Shell Game Insurers won’t say whether Obamacare plans cover it.
The Constitution 9/14 4:00 AM Dissent Will Not Be Tolerated Dems would gut the First Amendment.
The Left 9/13 4:00 AM Indoctrination by ESPN Ray Rice shows we need to “reprogram men”?​
Europe 9/15 4:00 AM Swedish Surprise The Left fell short of a big comeback.
Islamic State 9/13 4:00 AM Words Matter O just doesn’t like ones like “war” or “win.”
2014: Louisiana 9/15 4:00 AM There’s Something About Mary Senator Landrieu will be tough to beat in La.
International Law 9/15 4:00 AM A Court’s Collapse Kenya’s president laughs off his case.
Foreign Policy 9/15 4:00 AM Think Tanks’ Foreign Funding The NYT exposes it.
The Sunday Shows 9/14 11:37 AM Kerry: Call it ‘War’ if You Want Reluctantly agrees to definition, decries “tortured debate” over terms.
Scottish Independence 9/13 8:00 PM A Sovereign Scotland? Its nationalist sentiment endures.
The Constitution 9/13 12:00 AM The Silent Coup Reid’s attempt to subvert free speech
Culture Watch 9/13 4:00 AM 9/11 and Bad Memorials Why is commemoration so difficult?
History 9/13 4:00 AM Our Star-Spangled Banner Two hundred years after the Battle of Baltimore, it still gives us chills.
History 9/13 4:00 AM Why the Confederacy Lost Debating the South’​s strategy.
Books 9/13 12:00 AM Grossman’s Forgotten Legacy He bore down to the roots of totalitarianism.
Islamic State 9/12 2:58 PM ‘It’s Not War’ The president is only fooling himself.
Education 9/12 3:15 PM Free Speech and Hirsi Ali Brandeis flunked. Will Yale pass?
Islamic State 9/12 12:00 AM Is ISIS Really ‘Not Islamic’? Jihadists seem to think otherwise.
Sports 9/12 5:52 PM Ruck and Larry Gay marriage activists enraged as two straight men get married for free rugby tickets.
Racism 9/12 3:08 PM Foreign Smells San Diego Airport no-stinky-cabs policy is discrimination, union says.
Islamic State 9/11 8:00 PM O’s Halfhearted ISIS Plan It’s more political than strategic.
The Islamic State Is Islamic But Obama and Kerry will never admit it.
ISIS vs. ISIL Obama’s choice of acronym means nothing.
Presidential Malpractice Comparing Obama to Carter isn’t fair.
The New Infowars With two videos, ISIS prompts us to react.
Religion 9/12 5:59 PM The Cruz Controversy A remarkable display of unity, interrupted.
Movies 9/11 3:20 PM Class Dismissed Two new movies take on high life and low life, but Hollywood is out of touch with both.
Senate 2014 9/11 3:00 PM Dems in Desperation As defeat looms, they go for attack ads.
Education 9/12 4:00 AM We Could Do Worse Bill Bennett’s tepid defense of Common Core.
Islamic State 9/15 4:00 AM Islam’s Nightclub Brawl Jihadism and the culture of brutality
Islam & the West 9/14 5:00 PM ‘Free’ Speech at Yale Only if it doesn’t offend certain Muslims.
2016 9/15 3:17 PM Huck 2016? He tries to stand out from tea-party rivals.
Political Culture 9/15 12:00 AM Booing Ted Cruz Not the best night out on the town.
2014 Elections 9/15 10:25 AM A New ‘War on Women’ Democrats break out an old talking point.
POTUS 9/15 3:30 PM Obama the Indecisive Less Hamlet, more Henry V, please.
The Media 9/15 7:02 PM Our Racist Anthem Two hundred years of The Star-Spangled Banner’s militarism is enough, Politico says.
The Middle East 9/15 7:11 PM Krauthammer’s Take Obama creating “coalition of the unwilling.”
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